Organize Me Organize You 2

I have decided that I want to start blogging.  Maybe something I post will help you in a little way!  I’ll tell you a little about myself.  I love to organize…maybe not my closet, but my everyday life of home schooling my 4 girls and running a household!  I LOVE charts and have them hanging all over the doors of my computer stand!  I have school charts, chore charts, schedule charts and more!  I guess it makes me feel more in control of our school day!  I know exactly when we start school and exactly what day we will be done for the year!  I am a stickler for staying on track……I know…..aren’t we supposed to be more flexible with our school year and schedule, being a home schooled family?  I do rearrange schedules around once in awhile, but not often!  I like to have a full summer break with no school work to “finish up over the summer”!  Though, I do have to say my oldest, who is working on Algebra I, will need to finish it up during the month of June!  This is a first for me, but I am OK with it, because I want to make sure she understands it before moving into Algebra II.  And besides, that’s only one subject out of many, and one kid out of 4!  Not too bad!

My hope is to be able to share some of my ideas that may help you organize a bit more.  I am constantly trying to figure out ways to make everyday life a little less hectic.  Currently I am working on (or trying too at least) a coupon binder, to help cut down our monthly food bill!  I’ll let you know if I succeed!  I like to menu plan and have a GREAT grocery list app on my iPhone that I use practically everyday.  My goal is to share some of these thoughts, ideas or apps that may help you organize yourself a little more.

As I learn more about blogging and how to post, I will add charts, pictures, links to sites I use and more.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I hope to enjoy writing it!

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