Leftover Day

Today is Tuesday and leftover day! I made enough lasagna yesterday that we can have leftovers! Woo hoo! I’m especially happy since today is a heavy school work day. My oldest is at her coop taking Biology, Forensic and Speech while I am home schooling the other 3. I’d say this works out well! I was going to make my frozen meal of Honey Lime Chicken and Lemon Rice, but will have to wait for another day! That’s alright by me!

It is now 2:00 and one is done with school, one is having piano lesson (at my house) and one is finishing up reading. It has been a pretty successful day. We are all excited because we have a day off of school tomorrow and my husband has a day off. We are planning to go to an apple orchard as long as it doesn’t rain. Everyone is looking forward to this as fall is our most favorite time of the year (besides it being hard on one of my daughter’s allergies).

Tomorrow is chili day. I will put a big crock pot on before we go away for the day, using the hamburger I fried up the other day and stuck in the freezer to use. I will also make homemade corn bread. I mixed together the dry ingredients and stored them in the freezer, so all I have to add is the liquid part, eggs, milk and oil. I will also throw together a salad and dinner will be done when we get home! Since it is getting chilly out and we will be outside most of the day, it should taste great!

I am really liking these freezer and crock pot meals!  It is really a time and stress reliever!

If you ever have questions about freezer meals or homeschooling feel free to email me.  I may not have all the answers but may be able to help in a small way!
Thanks for reading!

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