Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Watermelon

Today has been another busy day. Luckily two of my four children decided to get all their school work done ahead of time so they could have today off. This worked well as I had a doctor’s appointment today and needed to get some quick groceries for my oldest daughter’s upcoming 4H Fun Match tomorrow. Her group is having a tailgate party there and we are providing some of the food for the “walking taco”. It should be a fun, busy day for her! Hopefully our dog decides to behave and do as she says! She will be testing him in obedience and agility. We have only had him since April and he is doing very well! He is very, very food motivated….but then what dog isn’t??

I decided today would be a great day for chicken salad sandwiches and watermelon. Rather good and easy! I used:
2 cans of chicken,
1/2 cup of plain yogurt,
1/2 cup of mayonnaise,
a dash of salt and pepper,
about 1/2 tsp of lemon juice
en added some red grapes,
1 can of mandarin oranges,
about 1/2 cup of sliced almonds,
1/2 cup of dried cranberries
and then some chopped green onions
and mixed it all together.

It’s good! I bought pitas to put them in and will use fresh spinach inside. I also cut up a watermelon.

Tonight I have to take one of my daughters to audition for a dance so I felt a “help yourself” dinner would be best!

Happy Friday everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Watermelon

  1. I have wanted to post something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers.

  2. Great to hear that! Hope it goes well! I am trying to post recipes as I make them, but time seems to fly by quickly and it has been a couple to a few weeks since my last post! I just posted a new blog today! Happy cooking!!

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