Ambrosia Salad

I got my recipes out of my box, all marked up with spattered food from many years of use!  I found my green bean and sweet potato casserole recipes, but couldn’t find my ambrosia salad!  You would think since I have made it for around 30 years I would remember how, but, not the case!!  I remembered the ingredients, just not the amounts like sugar and sour cream!  Luckily my mom was home and gave it to me, because I found that, after checking on both AllRecipe and Pinterest, there is not another recipe like this anywhere I could find!  Most call for whipped cream and mine does not.  So, try my family rendition of ambrosia salad!  It’s very good!


1 can pineapple (drained well)

1 can fruit cocktail (drained well)

1 can Mandarin oranges (drained well)

2 cups of marshmallows (either white or colored, colored have  flavor)

1/2 cup of sugar

1 cup of sour cream

1 cup of coconut

1 tsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients together and chill for a couple of hours

(It’s best if all the fruits are as dry as possible so the salad won’t be runny)

Right before serving add in your favorite fresh fruits, such as grapes or bananas

Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving!

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2 thoughts on “Ambrosia Salad

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