New Adventures

It has been over a month since I have written anything on here. It’s hard to believe we only have a little over one month of school left! Time is flying by so quickly. When my 8 year old asks how time is passing too quickly, it might be a sign we are doing too much? It seems there is hardly one day where there is not something to do or somewhere to go! We finished up our production of Fiddler on the Roof and then went straight into practices for our girls to dance at our weekend church service and then to Easter, followed by 2 birthdays.  It has kept us pretty busy!

I am starting to plan for the next school year already. I know….you say, ‘why already’?  Well first, I especially need to plan out my oldest daughter’s sophomore year of high school (actually the next 3 years).  She plans to be a veterinarian and there are specific classes she must take in high school/college to even be considered into the vet school we are looking at!  Second, this is a great time to look for used home school books at a better price.  Third, registration for our co-op starts Tuesday and I need to know what to sign up for. Three very good reasons to start planning next year before this year is through!

My oldest daughter and I went to an open house at the MSU Vet School and sat in on a few seminars, one being conducted by the admissions department. They gave a lot of great information about high school and under grad requirements to even be considered for acceptance into their school, and it is still not a guarantee one will get in! My daughter had her eyes opened to the fact that she must do well in her studies, especially Science and Math, in both high school and college, along with a lot of community service work. It needn’t be only in the animal field, but rather, a nice variety of services. After that, she must take a 10 page GRE test and get above a certain score to even be considered for the school! This will not be an easy task, but, if she is willing to work hard, she can do it!   Now, where the money is coming from is a question for another day!!

We are quickly coming into the season of ballet recitals and I have 3 very excited girls! My eldest ballerina has her own solo this year and gets to wear a tutu. Not just any ordinary tutu, but one that is stiff and sticks straight out like the one in this picture: ( I believe it is called a pancake?)

She is super excited and has wanted to dance in one for many years! This summer she will attend her very first ballet summer intensive. She will get to dance her heart away for about 6 hours daily for 5 days straight! She is also very excited for this!!

Because my husband and I are looking ahead, watching our girls getting older at lightening speed pace, and with college lurking around the corner, we felt we needed to find a way to supplement our income. We have taken on a new adventure and partnered with a health and wellness company that sells over 350 products that contain no harsh or cancer causing chemicals. We have switched our store from where we used to buy our detergents, vitamins and cleaning products, etc. and now buy these products, which are safe and very effective! We order online and have them shipped directly to our house. The products cost no more than national brand products do, yet they are free of formaldehyde and other cancer causing components. We are their ‘word of mouth’ advertisers and get paid to advertise. Because we believe in the products, we are happy to share about them and show how easy it is to switch stores, using only the money you would use at a warehouse store!

If this sounds like something you have thought about or are searching for, and you would like to hear more about the products and/or the business side of this, let me know and I would love to walk you through their story and show you more about them! Just send me a message and let me know you are interested in hearing more.

Have a great evening and great start to your week!

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