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Having 4 girls has really helped me stay organized!  As they get older, they are able to help me more around the house!  I have recently rearranged the chores and rewrote them to include my youngest daughter.  I have typed up a chore chart and also a chore chart description page that lists what each specific chore entails.  Remember, I like charts!  This was “fun” for me!

One of the chores is to clean the kitchen.  This jobs includes wiping the counters down….not just around the toaster oven, utensil holder or phone stand, but underneath it also!  They are to wipe the refrigerator out, just a fast swipe on the shelves, including the door and empty the trash, if needed.  Lastly, they sweep and mop the floor.  This chore is done 3 times a week so it stays relatively clean and doesn’t take too long.  My 2 oldest daughters get this chore.  Another chore is to clean the main bathroom.  They are to clean the sink and wash the mirror, wash the pictures and shelves and then clean the toilet.  Lastly, they sweep and mop the floor.  This is done daily, except Sundays, so it also doesn’t take too long to get done!  Our sitting room and living room each get dusted on separate days and the hardwood floors get swept or mopped.  The “big” chores  get done before school starts so it’s not hanging over them all day.

My youngest empties trashcans and replaces the liners, makes her bed and cleans up her room.  She is responsible to clean up the cat’s food area and then twice a week she wipes down the outside of the cupboards or stove and refrigerator.  It was “fun” for her when first started, but now it has become a “chore”!  Each of the girls take turns clearing either the lunch or dinner table.  This includes wiping the table and sweeping the floor.  My 2 oldest switch back and forth emptying and filling the dishwasher.

This may sound like a lot but it really only takes them 20 minutes or less for the “main” chore and the other chores are minor spread throughout the day.  This does help me so I can concentrate on vacuuming, laundry, making dinner, and schooling the girls.


5 thoughts on “Chore Charts

  1. MelissaN

    Hi. LOVING these charts. I have recently discovered how useful charts are for home schooling. What did you do in the beginning to require them to actually stick to their chart. We are new to charts, lists AND home schooling and they fight me on it. Also, I couldnt find a like to your chore chart. Am i missing something?

    • Hi Melissa!

      I have the charts on the door of my computer stand where they could see if they need, but, each girl has their own calendar book with each day written in it what they specifically need to do for that day. I write the lesson plan number for the subject, the pages in reading they need to accomplish, what English lesson, whether they have a test, what Geography lesson and specifically what to work on and so forth. Really, it is any detailed description of what needs to be done with that subject for the day(mainly it is only a page number or lesson plan number I have to write down) As they finish a subject for the day they put a check mark by it. That way, they know it’s done and I can do a quick check to make sure they stay on track. For my little one, I do most of the work with her, though she is very good about reading in her daily calendar what she is to do and mark it off!

      I really find it is easier to stay organized through my charts. The girls have been very good about staying on track (though at times they don’t enjoy the work and complain!). I think it makes it easier for them having a daily visual checklist they can mark off when they are done.
      How old are your kids? Maybe work alongside them for awhile to make sure they get into the habit of checking their assignments for the day and mark them off. Explain that it will help them and you stay on track and finish around your goal date!
      I hope this helps some and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! I will try my best to help!

      I see I did forget to add my chart in! Sorry about that! I will work on that tomorrow. I have been working on the play Fiddler on the Roof for this past week and today is closing day so I will be gone all day to organize costumes and props.

      Take care!

      • Melissa N

        Our dd is 12 and is in 6th grade. This is her 2nd year. Our ds is 9, but is in brick and morter. He is going to finish this year and then next year will join us at home for 5th grade. I don’t much care for middle school in brick and morter.

        DD is pretty responsible and was always an A student…but since schooling at home has gone downhill with her organization and grades. I have been pulling out my hair thinking about this. But I recently realized that while “wants” to get good grades and be organized, she is really only 12. I told her the other day that her intentions are good, but I have decided that she is just not mature enough to do the work I want her to do, on her own…not because she is bad or ignorant, but because she is only 12. She still needs my help. Her brother is not nearly as organized as she is, so if I continue to allow them the freedom to choose when and how much she will do, she will fail and so will he when he joins us. So, I will be making a schedule and calendar and she will be required to stick to it…not because I want to be bossy,b ut because she responds better when she knows what is expected of her-most kids are this way, she is normal.

        What was her reply? Well, I half expected to see tears…to be honest. But once again, she surprises me by saying “I think your right mom. I think I will do a lot better when more is required out of me.” So, That is what led me here! I appreciate your input and I will be trying some of these ideas!~ Let me know when you have posted your chart, but no worries, no rush.

      • I give my kids the freedom to choose what they would like to work on first, for the day, from their daily lesson plan. That way it gives them the feeling of ‘ownership’ or some control. Of course, there are the subjects I need to sit down and work with them that we try to do in the morning. Also, with some subjects, and depending on which child(ren)(my two middle girls), I may give them the freedom to rearrange or choose which day to work on a subject (reading or Bible, etc) as long as they end where Friday’s lesson ends. Does that make sense? For example, my 9 year old has a one story reading assignment with a worksheet and one comprehensive reading drill to finish per week. Because she is organized and diligent, I give her the freedom to ‘work on it however you need/want to, to get it done by Friday’. That way she takes ownership of it and thinks through which is the best way to work on this assignment to get it done. I can’t do that with my 9th grader as much, because she is disorganized and I’m trying to teach her to prioritize her daily lessons according to which needs to be done first! This is a slow process!!!

        Sounds like your daughter will do just fine with a little more structure! Give her the ownership of her daily lesson plans and that may help her feel like she has some say in her school day.

        I really hope this helped you and I will try to get the chore chart up today.
        Take care!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I got the chore chart up for you. I had to save in PDF file, so hopefully you can open it. I also recently made a chart for each girl to mark off when done and then mark off if I gave them allowance for the week. It helps us to track better if they got them done each day. If you want to look I’ll attach it also.

    Take care!!

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