How to begin

The best way to begin is to come alongside someone who home schools.  This way you can see, firsthand, how they do it and some of their curriculum.  There are so many curriculum choices out there  it can become overwhelming!  When I first started, I went to a friend’s house and looked through her curriculum and since it was the only curriculum I saw, that’s what I began with!  (this was pre  ‘everything on the internet’ days!)  I used the curriculum for the first couple of years and as I got to know more home school families I learned more and more about different curriculum available, which is a TON!  I then fit what is best for my family, combining some subjects with more than one of my kids, moving on to DVD driven math for 3 of my 4 and having my 9th grader take coop classes that I would have a hard time teaching!

I am very thrifty and since we are a single income family, that is a good thing!  As soon as I know I am done with a certain curriculum, I turn around and sell it to pay for the upcoming books I need!  I use a very trusted site, to buy and sell.  I have also used Ebay and other sources, like Vegsource, but HomeschoolClassified has been the best!  One year, when I was using strictly Abeka, I found almost every book, including workbooks, used and at least half, if not more, off the catalog price!  It was a great feeling!  I enjoy my little business of selling books on the internet and am also selling for a friend right now!

There are so many opportunities in most cities for home school families, that you may find yourself doing so much outside the home you wonder when you will actually get school done! If you are having a hard time finding connections, check first with your local library, neighboring churches or type in your city and home school.  It may bring up a lot of events and classes in your area.

As I learn how to use this blog site, I will post more on homeschooling. I may go over curriculum I have used,  how I make lesson plans and how to “fit it all in”!
If you ever have any questions about homeschooling, feel free to email me and maybe I can help you!


Thanks for taking time out to read this!

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