Menu Planning

I really like the idea of menu planning!  If I know what I am cooking for dinner, it gives me more time to concentrate on teaching the girls, cleaning or blogging!  I have found that instead of planning a specific meal each day, I will plan about 10 meals for the next 2 weeks and decide, according to what our evening schedule is, what we will have.  I will make sure I have the ingredients all ready to go for those meals.  There will be, of course, those fresh vegetables or fruits that I get weekly at the store right by my daughter’s ballet studio I’m at twice a week!  Very convenient and inexpensive!

I like trying new recipes.  I have used quite a bit.  I like this site because, if I’m thinking of a specific dish, I can look up a few, to many,  different variations to the recipe!  I can save a recipe I really liked in my “recipe box”. Very convenient.   I have, more recently, used the site Pinterest to get recipes.  I really like the recipes I have found so far!  What I like about this site is that you can “Pin” these posts and put them on your own “Board”.  I have organized them according to the types of food they are, ie. desserts, chicken, salads, etc.  My husband has enjoyed the many new meals lately.  He will say, “This is another restaurant quality meal!”  And, for the most part, they are healthy!  Well, maybe not the Dr. pepper cake!

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